Quiet Valley Campground Things To do

You can have a great time at our woodland campsites without ever leaving the site. From relaxing around the campfire to making the most of the surrounding woodland, there’s plenty of camping activities we can suggest to keep you occupied.

Camping here is a peaceful affair. Picture a sprawling green field, fringed by forest that’s abuzz with wildlife, and views across the valley, a magical foreground to the most spectacular of summer sunsets. Sounds idyllic doesn’t it? There’s no danger of overcrowding (in contrast to some of the other more commercial holiday parks) and group sizes are controlled. It’s large a tent zone, meaning all are free to enjoy the unblemished views of the surrounding countryside.

Quiet Valley Campground offers visitors fantastic opportunity to get together in our public area. Sit back and enjoy the swing benches by a fireplace eating marshmallows or drinking hot apple cider. Our non-alcohol policy facilitates unique atmosphere that can be found only at our campground. This is a perfect place to enjoy your stay with friends and family. As the sun nears horizon, children come to sit quietly and listen to fantastic stories that are unraveled at our public fire ring.

Juniata River is a river of many stories. It slowly meanders across fields and forests, under the bridges and through towns. If you enjoy boating, our campground will be your haven. Quiet Valley campground has direct access to the river right from your campsite! Boat launch is 5 minute drive. River is stalked with many species of fish and can be a great destination for some of the best fishing adventures

Photographers and train watchers! This is your gem! No other campground of our knowledge offers such a fantastic train watching opportunity! Kids love watching trains! Railroad is within minutes of campground. Sit back and watch how a majestic train makes its emergence from a railroad bend in the forest to come out to an open field, and pass with a thunder across a tiny road that joins campground to the rest of the world!